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I am a committed, reliable and hard-working person; I am proud of my punctuality and excellent attendance record. Completing tasks to a high standard and doing work how it should be done is important to me as well as forming a friendly working relationship with those I work with.

education and qualifications |

Piggott School Wargrave, Berkshire 1998 to 2005

Business Studies - A, French - A, German - A, Mathematics - A, Science- AA (Double award), Drama - B, Food Technology - B, English Language - B, English Literature - B, RE - E

A levels

Mathematics - B, German - C, Computing - D, Drama and Theatre Studies - E

University of Lincoln 2005 to 2008
BSc (Hons) degree

Computing and Software Development - 2:1

experience |

website development

The majority of my website skills have been self taught. I started by making small websites using basic standards and technologies (classic ASP and Microsoft Access databases) before I went to university. At university, my skills evolved into using more modern standards (PHP and MySQL) and I picked up an understanding of other programming languages such as Java and Perl.

My university course also covered a wide range of topics including software development methodologies, ethics and digital imaging and mobile technologies.

My post university employment has been solely focused on computers and technology, improving and honing my skills.

BrandFour, from August 2010 until present

BrandFour was a young company when I started as a Junior Developer creating and supporting websites with a variety of PHP frameworks and Content Management Systems, both internally developed and WordPress. I was also heavily involved in the design and development of new versions of the internal Content Management System, creating a more refined abstract system allowing for rapid development of new websites.

As the company grew, the management and support of an ever expanding base of websites allowed me to further my skills with Linux and its software, developing sets of Bash scripts, learning and using Ansible and Git to manage deployments and create a stable environment for all clients. There are now over 100 websites either on secure legacy platforms or stable cutting edge hosting.

I am also the initial point of contact for all support requests, ensuring the clients request is passed on to the correct developer and making sure their request is met.

computer support
TurnerWarran, from July 2008 until August 2010

TurnerWarran had a history of inexperienced and less than reliable IT systems and support. I was brought in as a one-man IT department to replace an external support company. Whilst I was initially not that experienced in business IT support, I quickly overcame the steep learning curve and created a stable and dependable system as opportunities for improvement and enhancement presented themselves.

I am now very experienced in supporting and developing Active Directory environments for small and medium-sized businesses. Due to external financial pressures, my budget was extremely limited and I became very practiced at developing my own software to meet support needs and getting the most out of existing technologies and software used by the business.

I also use the skills I have learned to support clients of TurnerWarran, similarly sized businesses also often with a history of inconsistent IT support.


I have provided home IT support for family and friends; often I find that fixing problems outside of the office can be more challenging as the computers have been set up in a less restrictive fashion. I also help support the internet connections at my former landlords other houses, dealing with Virgin internet and keeping the tenants online.

Dealing with a wide variety of types of people, computers and organisations has been beneficial in helping me be prepared and plan for a variety of situations.

other work experience
Engine Shed, Lincoln, from April 2008 until August 2008

I worked occasional evenings during this period assisting the technical staff in setting up for gigs and club nights and clearing up after them. I was trusted to work on my own and in small teams in a fast paced and highly stressful environment. It was also important to represent the venue in these situations to impress visiting external organisations and convince them to return in the future.

Waitrose, Henley-on-Thames and Lincoln, from August 2004 until March 2008

I was able to work continuously during this period despite my regular moving around the country for university term time. In addition to the standard stock replenishment work, I had extra responsibility working on the tills. As I become more trustworthy, I received the extra responsibility of receiving deliveries and working in the petrol station. These were especially important as they were largely unsupervised activities.

interests and social responsibility |

Outside of work, I like to keep up developments in websites, servers, and technology in general. I am also getting involved in the creativity of the local Steampunk community, particularly because of the annual Asylum Steampunk festival as well as the regular meet ups.

Growing up, I was a member of the Boys Brigade company in my home town which presented many opportunities to support both the company and the local community. During my time in the Boys Brigade, I helped raise money for a variety of charities and earned the highest awards available, the Presidents and Queens badges. These awards, partially based on the Duke of Edinburgh awards, required significant dedication and effort.

Whilst at University in Lincoln I worked on the stage crew at for the University of Lincoln Drama Society. I took on the role of stage manager for the play they took to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August 2007 and the Christmas 2007 pantomime. My involvement was crucial for the pantomime as it was very dependent on my recruiting, organisation and motivation of a stage crew to cater for every technical aspect.

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