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my shotgun rules. for the uninitiated, how to get the front seat in my car


Here are MY shotgun rules. The following rules are designed for the benefit of the driver alone and will most likely be unfair for some passengers.


Me obviously or anyone else who follows these rules and drives.
the act of riding shotgun, sitting in the passenger seat of the vehicle.
at the time of writing the vehicle is Reg, the WillPowerMobile.
defined in section 2.1
Shotgun Winner
the person who wins shotgun, either by calling it (see section 1) or having chosen by the Driver (see section 3)
Authoritative Navigator
the current navigator for the journey. Often Clarice will not be available and the driver will be in unknown territory.


  1. Calling a Shotgun
    1. Shotgun can only be called after a journey has been defined.
    2. Shotgun cannot be called for a journey that occurs after the current journey even if it has been defined.
    3. Shotgun cannot be called for tomorrow's journey, even if they were defined today and there are no journeys today, only tomorrow.
    4. The first person to claim Shotgun wins.
    5. The Vehicle does not have to be in sight at the time of the Shotgun being called.
    6. In the event of a tie, the Driver will decide which of the tied individuals is successful.
    7. Acceptable Shotgun-claiming gestures include:
      1. Commmunicating the word "shotgun".
      2. A clear and obvious shotgun gesture.
    8. Unlike every other shotgun, my shotguns cannot be reloaded under any circumstances.
  2. The definition of a Journey
    1. A Journey is defined as

      "the act of travelling from one place to another"

      therefore it cannot be considered a journey without a destination.
    2. Journeys are often interrupted by impromptu breaks. At this time, the current Shotgun is terminated as soon as the engine has been switched off.
    3. A Journey is finished when the vehicle has arrived at its destination. The current Shotgun is terminated as soon as the engine has been switched off.
  3. Vetoing a Shotgun
    1. The Driver reserves the right to
      1. veto a Shotgun at any time and for any reason.
      2. select a Shotgun Winner of his choosing.
  4. What a Shotgun does not do
    1. The Shotgun Winner does not have the right to
      1. touch the radio
      2. assume the role of an Authoritative Navigator
      unless they have been previously authorised to do so.

Revision 4 - updated 3rd January 2010